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Mila Aesthetics is a permanent makeup academy and beauty salon specializing in Microblading, Permanent Makeup (PMU) and Eyelash Extensions.

Our goal is to provide long lasting beauty without compromising the health and integrity of our clients. All of our expert artists are recruited at the highest of standards and are multi-certified professionals.

Whether you are looking to come in and enhance your natural beauty or train with us to become a professional, Mila Aesthetics is here for you!



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Microblading is a semi-permanent technique for enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows. Using a hand tool with a blade formed of tiny needles, pigment is inserted into the skin with short, fine strokes that resemble hair. This treatment creates the most natural look achieved with little to no pain…

Microblading & Shading

Our most popular procedure, consists of a combination of microblading throughout the eyebrow along with manual shading in the middle of the brow between the strokes to create more depth and fullness. The manual shading is done with a different hand tool designed to create a shaded pattern when inserting the pigment. Micro-bladed strokes along with extra shading bring a very full and natural look for those who want to achieve stand out eyebrows that look very real…

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Nano Feather Brows

A fluffy feather style that gives volume and a natural 3D definition to your brows by adding powdery hair strokes to enhance the natural brow. This technique is performed using the PMU machine and is compatible with all skin types including mature skin. This procedure will last 1-3 years depending on skin type and lifestyle…

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Ombre Powder Brows

This technique gives the powdery makeup look that resembles a more glamorous and sharply defined eyebrow as if you perfectly penciled your brows in, only better. The pixelated pattern can be gradually faded in the beginnings and other areas of the eyebrow to create the “Ombré” effect…

Microblading & Powder Combo

This technique consists of a combination of micro-bladed hair strokes and machine powder to create a sharper, more identified tail while still having some natural looking strokes in the beginnings. It can be used over an old pigment that has faded light enough to work over, but not enough to do just microblading throughout…

Lip Blushing

This lip contouring technique acts as a restoration of your lips by balancing and correcting an uneven contour while recreating the look of a fuller pout. Lip blushing pigments come in a variety of warm and cool natural colors to choose from, each giving your lips a more enhanced, even-toned and desirable look…

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extensions is a service that can change your entire look and complexion. We add an extension to each of your natural lashes. Even if you have very little natural lashes left, our professional artists are trained to utilize each natural lash without compromising the health and growth of that lash. Their are several different styles and techniques for you to choose from.

Eyeliner & Lash Line Enhancement

Eyeliner with Wings is meant to replace your everyday makeup. The artist will map out small wings to your liking. If you like to change the angle or shape of your eyeliner often, we don’t recommend this procedure, Lash Line Enhancement would be more suitable for you.

Lash Line Enhancement is a technique that will add definition and depth to your eyes without the use of any eyeliner makeup. This service will give your eyes a more natural enhancement as our highly skilled artists will add fine dots of pigment between your lashes to achieve the appearance of fuller, thicker lashes and lash line.

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Study under Master Trainer Mila Thomas and become certified through Beauty Angels Academy! Both our Live & Online Training Courses include direct, 1-on-1 coaching directly with Master Mila, as well as a product kit, and full home study mentorship curriculum. You won’t find a more supportive, mentorship based program to launch & grow your career!


Mila & the Team

Mila Thomas is a Licensed Aesthetician, Permanent Makeup Artist and Master Trainer with Beauty Angels International Academy. Mila has 7 years of experience in the Beauty Industry. She holds more than 60 different certifications in Microblading, Nano Brows, Permanent Makeup, Eyelash Extensions, Tattoo Removal and many more leading techniques in the Permanent Makeup Industry.

Why choose Mila Aesthetics for your services?

Mila has an amazing team of highly rated Permanent Makeup Artists and Lash Artists that are multi-certified and very experienced.

If you have questions about any of our treatments we do 15 minute in-person consultations to help you understand the procedure and choose the right technique to help you achieve your desired look.

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