Cover up/Correction

Price: $599-$699

This service is for clients who have previous work done. The artist will help choose which technique is best to cover or correct your old work. We do not perform touch ups on previous work done by another artist. All foreign work will be priced as a brand new cover-up and correction session. In order to book this service you must send us CLEAR AND WELL LIT photos of the area to ensure we are able to cover the existing work. If you would like us to see you in person you can book a complimentary consultation here.

Click to send a text or email with your photos. After you get approval from us, you may click below to book now.

Note:  Not all previous work can be covered. You may need to proceed with Removal/Lightening sessions before getting any new work done. See “Brow Removal/Lightening Session” below.