Microblading & Powder Combo

Price: $549-$649

This technique consists of a combination of micro-bladed hair strokes and machine powder to create a sharper, more identified tail while still having some natural looking strokes in the beginnings. It can be used over an old pigment that has faded light enough to work over, but not enough to do just microblading throughout. We use the next generation of organic mineral driven pigments with specific undertones for all skin types and eyebrow colors. The estimated procedure time is 180 mins, lasting one to three years. NEW CLIENTS if you would like to stop in to see if Powder Combo is right for you, book a complimentary consultation here.

**This service is for virgin brows only. If you have previous work you must look under the “cover-up/correction” service.

Touch Ups

6-12 week Combo Brows – $150


6-18 month Retouches: Brows – $399 ($499 w/ Mila)

please contact us directly at (702) 580-8893