Microblading & Shading

Price: $549-$649

Our most popular procedure, consists of a combination of microblading throughout the eyebrow along with manual shading in the middle of the brow between the strokes to create more depth and fullness. The manual shading is done with a different hand tool designed to create a shaded pattern when inserting the pigment. Micro-bladed strokes along with extra shading bring a very full and natural look for those who want to achieve stand out eyebrows that look very real. We use the next generation of organic mineral driven pigments with specific undertones for all skin types and eyebrow colors. The estimated procedure time is 180 mins lasting one to two years. NEW CLIENTS if you would like to stop in to see if Microblading and Shading is right for you, book a complimentary consultation here.

**This service is for virgin brows only. If you have previous work you must look under the “cover-up/correction” service.


6-18 month Retouches: Brows – $399 ($499 w/ Mila)

please contact us directly at (702) 580-8893